Cheers and Jeers on Cinema of now and then.
Special attention to Netflix Instant films and new releases.
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Film is arguably the most widespread art today. Since the first images were linked together to mimic movement, the fascination with recreating life––even a distorted versions of it––has been undeniable. Whether it is advertisement, news, online videos, traditional channel surfing, or a trip to the theaters, video is an integral part of the American life and cinema is bigger than ever. With screens in cars, on the backs of airplane seats, in crowded streets, and even streamed on phones, film criticism is an increasingly relevant field of study.

What are films telling viewers today? What were the ideas communicated through cinema in the beginning? This blog has no pretense of answering all these questions, but will turn a critical eye to films of the past and present. So dim the lights and grab your popcorn, because we’re in for a treat. 

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